A New Toy for Kids – Airwheel Dual Wheels Electric Scooter


Abstract: Nowadays, young children are burdened with learning stress from a very young age and have little chances of playing outdoor happily. Now parents are no longer need to worry about this since Airwheel twin-wheeled electric scooters of Q series have provided them with a good way to help their children live a better and healthier life.

Some children are immersive in surfing the internet, playing computer games, and watching TV all day, which are harmful to physical and mental development of young generation.


electric scooter


For those kids who are introverted and afraid of making friends with others, riding Airwheel self-balancing electric unicycle can help them feel the relaxation with an open heart, and easily play with other kids and make more friends. And for those kids who are always staying at home watching TV or playing games, Airwheel daul electric scooters is attractive to them and they may fall in love with riding the self-balancing scooter, developing a better living habit.




  • What's more, as for beginners, the Airwheel Q series  Twin-wheeled Scooter is easier to learn. It only takes 5 minutes to get the hang of the vehicle.
  • Among all the Airwheel scooters of Q series, Q5 intelligent electric scooter, available in two colors–green and blue and mounted with adorable oval body, is suitable for cute girls.
  • And the Q3 has two colors, which are pure black and pure white, makes it the perfect option for couples.


kids scooter


Besides, the humanized design of Airwheel Q series scooter ensures safety and riding comforts for young kids. The built-in chip that intelligently regulates the scooter makes entire riding experience simple and safe. During the riding exercises every day, children learn to coordinate different body parts, which will be of great benefits to their brain development.

With Airwheel electric scooter, young children will have a pleasurable time on the way home after school every day. Those kids can ride the self-balancing scooter with their friends and spend a happy time.