A Perfect Combination: Music & Riding Electric Scooter Introduced by Airwheel

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Abstract: Listening to music can calm down the unstable emotion. Now music finds its new partner—Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter. This perfect combination is bound to offer a new feeling to those people eager to have a good mood.

It's a common sense that listening to music is one of the most common ways we manage our stress and emotions. When we feel tired after a long day at work, many of us like to unwind by kicking back, closing our eyes, and turning on our ipods.

Or when we feel down after a heated argument with a boyfriend or girlfriend, we may listen to some uplifting tunes to help distract us from anger or sadness. At this time while listening to music, rolling an Airwheel self-balancing scooter could be a perfect combination strongly to improve the mood.


Airwheel Q1


Rolling on the hands-free scooter is to liberate the rider's whole body. In a study made by University of Gothenburg in Sweden, it was found that participants who listened to music after a stressful episode in their everyday lives reported decreased levels of stress when compared to individuals who didn't listen to music. Of course, there are a plenty of studies to manifest doing sports is effective to cope with stress.


Airwheel S3


These two's combination is a new solution of decompression proposed by Airwheel Technology. The activity of the limbs is helpful to physical and psychological health. It's not only an entertainment, but also a unique sport. According to researchers, there are several ways we listen to music as well as do sports in order to better manage emotions. Riding electric scooters is not a high-intensity activity. Music is soft as rolling a scooter. It's agreeable for people to keep calm down.

It's a new strategy from Airwheel for offering more benefits to its users. Different ways you can use music and the scooter throughout your daily life.