Airwheel C5, the Intelligent Helmet for Those Photographers Taking Extreme Sports

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Abstract: Photographers is not the one who just stand to take photos, on the contrary, they need to take photo in difference scenes, including the high mountains and cliffs with strange postures to record the excellent moment. Apart from the professional camera, photographer also need Airwheel C5, the intelligent helmet to help them.

Many photographers are also taking extreme sports nowadays, they try to challenge difficult sports and record themselves and the scenes at the same time. People are always surprised about the sports they taking and the picturesque natural scenes. However, behind the impressing photos is the hard work photographers taking.


Airwheel C5


The intelligent camera is inserted in the middle of the C5 smart helmet, so it can record every moment in the process of extreme sport in high quality. The camera makes the use of wide angle lens and is anti-shake which can meet the demands of photographers who need the high quality photo and video.


helmet heads up display


Airwheel C5 is equipped with Bluetooth, so riders can connect their cell phones with the helmet directly. Riders do not need to hold their cell phones which may be dangerous for them if they are taking photo in a dangerous place or taking extreme sport. The C5 Bluetooth helmet can also help riders listen music which relax themselves comfortably and safely.

The helmet is suitable for different kind of heads, so users can wear it comfortably, the design can protect the heads of users more efficiently. If photographer find a scene that is worthy of taking photo, he just need to adjust the angle of the helmet for extreme sport, then Airwheel C5 will record the scene naturally.


intelligent helmet


The design of windshield also takes the demands of users into consideration. Users will not feel discomfort about the eyes or tear when they are flying in the sky or staying the place with strong wind. The windshield is also strong enough to protect eyes for small rocks or sands, photographers will not be distributed. Photographers can create more work with the intelligent helmet C5.