Airwheel C8 Racing Helmet Is To Cause a Sensation.


Abstract: Airwheel C8 full face helmet is not only a safety protection during the race but also it has a great deal of meaning on the level of the wearable equipment. As a smart helmet, Airwheel C8 has realized multiple functions.

Known to all, Airwheel is a manufacturer focused on producing electric scooters, and it has provided a variety of excellent products for customers. The release of smart helmets extends the business scope of Airwheel and alters the stereotype of the self-balancing electric scooter. Airwheel smart helmet now further expands its market domain to the field of auxiliary riding equipment with its new product-Airwheel C8 racing helmet which is absolutely stunning.


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Choosing the first-class material, Airwheel C8 is unbelievably tough and comfortable. It is made of strong plastic ABS, and has passed rigorous testing of extrusion, impact and high temperature to give rider maximum protection. Airwheel C8 full face helmet can be used in a wide temperature range from -10 degrees to 55 degrees. By the way, a comprehensive ventilation system with grooves in the upper and lower air outlets collects airflow to stabilize the cap body. Such streamlined design is in line with aerodynamics.


Airwheel C8


Airwheel C8 is not only a safety protection during the race, but also it has multiple functions. With a high-resolution of 2K and a wide field of vision of 120 degrees, the camera of Airwheel C8 smart helmet can produce brilliant pictures; by pressing a button, users can take pictures or shoot videos easily. Having a maximum internal memory of 128 G, C8 can store large amounts of data, while equipped with a built-in Bluetooth transmission modular and a WIFI modular, C8 intelligent helmet can not only make interconnection with smart phones, pads and computer, but also transmit photos and videos to various social media.


Airwheel C8


Besides the above function, Airwheel C8 racing helmet enables riders to receive calls and listen to music. The microphone, featured by wind-resistant and noise-resistant is able to filter external environment noise to guarantee a clear call during riding. The high quality Bluetooth speaker can play your favorite songs, as it is compatible with mainstream equipment. Additionally, it supports non-net video 24h per day serving as a safety guard. Any abnormalities will be noticed when you are back.