Airwheel Launched S6 Saddle-equipped mini Electric Scooter


Abstract: A variety of self-balancing scooters are flooding into the transportation market. Not long ago, Airwheel S6 has been launched, a new member joining into this big family. Airwheel S6 is a saddle-equipped electric scooter which is safe and helpful.

The past year—2015 has seen a great development of intelligent self-balancing scooters. For more and more brands about intelligent electric scooters flood into market, Airwheel has to launch its new product under this sort of market pressure. After some terrible incidents referred to hoverboards happened, what sort of intelligent scooter can appeal to the general public?



scooter design airwheel



Since most consumers are controlled by the appearance of the products they prefer the device with cool and good exterior. Airwheel mini self-balancing electric scooter S6 has a pure white figure dotted with elegant blue and red colors. The collocation of the colors will present the coolest style for most riders. Other people are wearily walking, however, you're riding S6 and passing them by in the most gentle and comfortable manner. It will make them envious.

Despite the fact that appearance may give people the first impression, the comfort level and safety coefficient may generate a great influence on buyer's decision. S6 has been made great change in the function and riding experience. It comes with an adjustable seat allowing all riders with different heights to ride it.



Airwheel S6



The telescoping operating bar provides the riders two riding models, sitting to ride or standing to ride. For any beginners, they can learn to rein it only if they can twist the body. Airwheel Technology took this into consideration and enhanced the safety performance of S6. The battery embedded inside the vehicle is safe with several protection functions. The shell applied into S6 is sturdy and durable.

S6 is such a self-balancing electric scooter combined with quality, safety and practical functions. Its release is going to add a new element in the scooter market.