Airwheel Q5 a Mini Scooter Frees You from Heavy Traffics


Abstract: There is a pervasive problem in the urban, namely traffic jams. Many people are the victims of the heavy traffic. However, Airwheel Q5 the hero of human beings comes to free us from heavy traffics for it is unimpeded on the road.

People in many big cities are complaining about the heavy traffic. It has serious influenced people's daily life and economic development. Some people advise to limit the number of bikes and cars, which can effectively decrease the traffic flow. But it's still infeasible. And it can also affect the consumption for cars and bikes. To solve the problem, People can ride a mini scooter as the personal transporter, like Airwheel Q5 twin-wheel electric scoter.




It is unimpeded for its small figure at a considerable speed. It can be the smallest volume among all vehicles such as bikes, cars, motorcycles, etc. Only if there is an opening for the wheel, we can keep on moving.

Airwheel Q5 is not quite difficult to learn it. In view of that it's based on fuzzy algorithm and aviation attitude control tech, it can keep itself balance with the installed gyroscopes. There is also a simple method to deal with the unbalance. When you feel you're going to fall down, just jump out of the scooter during the practice since the scooter is just like Nokia bearing to be slammed. That benefits from its fine quality of manufacturing materials. On the other hand, you must rest assured that you can't get hurt when you jump from the vehicle for the foot rest is quite low to the ground.




Q5 twin-wheel scooter is paired with an ultra-fast charger with better discharge capacity. About 100 min it can finish the full charge. Upgraded round-shaped pedals are fir for your feet offering a more comfortable riding experience with the solid and light aviation aluminum material.

Such a scooter with easy-to-use operation model as well as fine quality in materials can free you from the heavy traffics.