Daily Application of Airwheel Helmet C5


Abstract: It is a current trend that intelligent products are generally replacing traditional ones. Airwheel smart helmet, with hi-tech elements, can better serve modern people in many respects.

Airwheel smart helmet C5 seems to be more versatile than traditional helmet. The traditional functions and the intelligent functions can meet the diversified needs of different consumer group. People who are interested in scientific products might have been aware of its utility. C5 has been integrated with HD camera lens, speaker and headset, enabling more practical functions in daily life. Let's see how it can be used in different cases.


smart helmet outdoor sports Safety


The intelligent helmet has chosen high quality materials, with equivalent crush resistance to the Nokia Polycarbonate. C5 has also enabled music playing function. When the riding journey is accompanied with some music, isn't it more refreshing.

The Bluetooth helmet is also favored by extreme sports enthusiasts. C5 can meet the demands of taking pictures and shoot videos. The high quality lens allows users to take photographs in motion state. The camera is designed right above the eyes and it can record the scenery in the first-person perspective. The HD lens can present high-contrast and high resolution shooting performance.


High quality sports Helmet


For delivery man who spends most time in outdoor surroundings, especially on streets. Riding electromobiles or motorcycles for long time is dangerous in complicated urban traffic environment. It occurs repeatedly that they are caught in collisions with automobiles. It is very necessary to wear a smart helmet which can serve as a data recorder on the road. C5 helmet camera has a large storage capacity and can support long-time recording. When accidents happen, the recorded videos can be strong evidence to clarify facts.


helmet camera


When people put C5 back at home or offices, it will function as a surveillance camera to either record the happy moments or to serve as a safe keeper. The helmet will give full play to its functions and be the most credible pal in user's daily life.