EICMA 2016 will see the Debut of Airwheel New Product R5 Electric Power Bike

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Abstract: After the extraordinary success of the previous products, Airwheel will introduce a new generation of its R5 electric assist bike in EICMA 2016 this year. Airwheel will be present at the most important international motorcycle trade fair in Europe, EICMA 2016(Milano, Italy) from 8th to 13th November.

Airwheel R5 citizen e bike will have its debut in EICMA 2016. Fashion is what everyone is doing, style is what you do. Style is to show what you like by putting together something a little different than normal. R5 can be your stylish vehicle to travel around. You may not be able to afford a customized car or motorcycle, but can afford to a practical electric bike.


electric assist bike


The bikes will do the hard work, but R5 will leave you free to enjoy the simple pleasure of cycling in the great outdoors. Riding R5 makes you and many others happy. When you ride R5, you think of nothing else. You can become completely immersed in the experience of the quickly changing scenery and experiencing in fast motion the beautiful city in which you live and love. Speeding from the driveway and out onto the street, yahooing at the neighbors.


electric moped bike

R5 is good for the environment in ways you would never guess. More than anything you are setting examples on how cool and fun electric bikes can be. The more you ride electric bikes, the more chance it will have of becoming an accepted part of society that will eventually take a multitude of cars off the road. When you ride R5 electric assist bike, you really feel you are at the forefront a revolution, in which even you can play an important role by flashing this cool electric bike of yours.

Airwheel R5 city electric bike will have its own space to show in EICMA 2016. Airwheel stand will be located in Hall 4, Stand F50.