Learning about Unfold Airwheel R5 electric assist bike


Abstract: In Oct, Airwheel released its brand new electric aided-bicycle R5, known for its three ride modes—man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted ride mode. R5 has drawn wide attention, however, how to unfold and fold Airwheel R5 is seldom expounded.

However, how to unfold and fold Airwheel R5 is seldom expounded. To deal with this problem, the editor has gathered the details of R5 to explain how to unfold Airwheel R5. First comes the diagram of R5.


electric moped bike

When purchasers received the R5 electric aided-bicycle, it is folded. How to unfold it will be talked about in the following parts.


electric power bicycle


Firstly, take R5 out of the package bag, unfold pedals and kickstand. Push the head in vertical direction (see Figure 1 – ①arrow), the folding handle along with the bike head is to be down-and-backward to the slot and then button up (see Figure 2 – ②arrow). The state of fastened folding handle is as Figure 3 shows.


electric assist bicycle


The locking axle and locking bowl are located between the front and rear wheels. Pull the safety pin between the locking axle and locking bowl gently(see Figure 4-③arrow) and rotate 90° to fasten( the state of safety pin is as in Figure 5 shows). Separate the locking axle and locking bowl(see Figure 4-④&⑤arrow) to separate the front and rear wheels, and rotate safety pin 90° to release.


electric moped bicycle


Rotate the screw in the frame folding handle counterclockwise (see Figure 6- ⑥arrow), loosen the frame folding handle and unfold the frame (see Figure 7- ⑦arrow) to let it automatically lock. Rotate the screw clockwise to fasten the frame folding handle. Pull down the handle lock catch (see Figure 8- ⑧arrow), rotate the handle to a horizontal position(see Figure8- ⑨arrow) and release handle’s lock catch.


electric aided-bicycle

Lastly, open lifting rod lock (see Figure 9- ⑩ arrow), adjust height and close lifting rod lock. Adjust the saddle height and install it (see Figure10- 11 arrow) and close saddle’s lifting rod lock (see Figure10- 12 arrow).

If you have any question about unfolding the Airwheel R5 portable electric bike, please feel free to contact Airwheel.