R&D Process of Airwheel Z3 a Two-wheeled Electric Scooter


Abstract: Each invention cost certain people's wisdom and painstaking effort. Airwheel Z3 has become the best-selling among all Airwheel intelligent scooters. This article aims to narrate the R&D process of Z3 two-wheeled electric scooter.  

Inside a five-story warehouse in San Francisco, bicycles stand next to desks. Young employees scribble note on whiteboards and drop the requisite boasts about using available technology to change the world, other than the banging of hammers and shrieking of CNC Mills, Airwheel could be one of the many startups where the ordinary turn into the extraordinary. But company founder Steven and a 15-member team have invented something genuinely novel which seems a slight unimpressive.






With fuel efficiency crucial to easing climate change, the ream believes that most commuters drive around in way too much auto-especially for daily activities like commuting and grocery shopping. Scooters make more sense for the rider without one passenger. The company leader, a 43-year-old who wears jeans and a black t-shirt, leads the way to the company's prototype solution: the two-wheeled electric scooter Z3. It has two wheels, like a mini bicycle, but a steel front fork forming the structure.

And the rear wheel is built in an electric motor for driving wheels running. The battery pack is wrapped by a battery housing exposing on the operating bar. Someone thinks it's ugly to disclose the battery in the, however, this design is for easily swapping out the exhausted battery pack.






Two pedals fitted in the electric scooter are moveable coating with frosted stickers for increasing the friction force. Another detail is the retractable kickstand for easy parking.

On the other hand above the front wheel, the damping spring is installed to create a smooth ride via the grooved tires. That's the whole process of Z3's R&D. The leader hopes the electric motor will hit the market within two years, but admits that the path to creating a vehicle like Z3 isn't simple.